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Situated in the southern part of the Great Plains, Oklahoma is known for its prairie landscape and its long tradition in wheat farming. Homes in Oklahoma reflect the deep history surrounding this state, from a Native American territory to its official statehood. Newer homes tend to be designed in the more traditional style, but some older homes were built as craftsman cottages or Spanish-influenced mission style villas.

Oklahoma has a combination of large, metropolitan cities and small, tight-knit towns. Oklahoma City, the state capital, is the largest city in the state. The city has a lively downtown scene and many different offerings in arts, culture and theater. The heart of the city continues to make strides with more business and residential development. Tulsa, another large city, is the center of a pedestrian friendly business district and an array of public green spaces. The city is also home to several affluent neighborhoods filled with art deco style homes. Its port on the Arkansas River is one of the top inland ports in the country. Another top city in Oklahoma is Norman. Norman, which is a smaller town, is the location of the University of Oklahoma. The town is known for tree-lined lanes and middle class bungalows and cottages. With the large population of students, there are also many different types of volume housing such as apartment buildings or duplexes.

Oklahoma has been traditionally known for its strong energy contributions to the nation's economy. The largest employer, however, is the state of Oklahoma. Government continues to dominate the workforce, as the second largest employer in the state is Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. Higher education is also strong in the state, with the University of Oklahoma employing a large number of people. The airline industry has been growing in Oklahoma, with American Airlines housing its airline maintenance hub in Tulsa. Energy remains a strong industry in Oklahoma, with large markets in oil, natural gas, and wind. Energy jobs continue to grow as businesses in this state explore new, sustainable resource methods.

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