49 New Homes For Sale in Pearland, TX

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One of the fastest-growing cities in Texas, Pearland has homes of all shapes and sizes ready for purchase by potential buyers. The properties available in this area are predominantly single family detached homes, and range from around $150,000 to $500,000 depending on the year of construction and the amount of space that comes with the purchase. There are also empty lots available for those who wish to design and build their own home.

Pearland, Texas is home to many different neighborhoods and communities which work together in order to make this city the peaceful and welcoming place that it is. Hastings is one of these communities. This neighborhood offers individuals plenty of affordable housing opportunities, ranging from mobile homes to larger constructions. The Pearland Parks and Recreation Department is very active among all communities found within this city, providing residents with many parks and government-hosted events in which to relax, mingle, and find their niche in the surrounding society. Furthermore, the Pearland Natatorium and Recreational Center provides individuals with the opportunities to meet others of similar interest in their own neighborhoods or in others by attending specialized events throughout the course of each and every year. Most communities within Pearland, Texas are serviced by the Pearland Independent School District, though parents may also opt to send their children to one of over four local private schools.

Like the housing options, employment opportunities in Pearland, Texas are also rather diversified. The education and health industries provide the most jobs to residents in this area, but are closely followed by retail jobs and sales professions of many varieties. Pearland is also unique in its employment levels due to the high number of manufacturing jobs still available in this area. While this industry has diminished quickly throughout most of the United States over the past few decades, some communities in Pearland (such as Hastings) have more than half of their populations employed in manufacturing occupations. This wide variety of jobs alongside the range of price and size to be found in homes belonging to this area insure that anyone looking to settle down in Pearland can find their place to feel secure and at home.