18 New Homes For Sale in Philadelphia, PA

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Known as, "The City of Brotherly Love," and the fifth largest city in the United States is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This city is home to over 1,500,000 people, and it is filled with history and culture. There are a variety of homes for sale in the region, including townhouses, attached home, and larger residences. Some homes are classically designed, and others are more urbanized.

Philadelphia has a variety of neighborhoods, including a downtown area. This area offers a city lifestyle, and it is convenient to a lot of the local businesses. The city is divided into large sections and designed for ease in commuting. The most common regions include North, Northwest, Northeast, South, Southwest, and West. Society Hill is a popular community located in the center of the region. This area has several Georgian-style homes, and it is filled with history and great schools. Society Hill is also known for its beautiful cobblestone streets. Philadelphia also provides several art and culture destinations including museums, theaters, and historic buildings. There is also over 10,000 acres of park area dispersed throughout the city.

The city is a top economic destination throughout the country. Several businesses are headquartered in the region, including seven Fortune 1000 companies. The top sectors in the city include manufacturing, information technology, food processing, oil refining, biotechnology, health care, and financial services. In addition, Philadelphia is the home of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Along with the businesses in the area, there are a variety of schools. While public schools account for a large majority of the educational institutions, there is a growing presence of charter schools. There are also several institutions for higher learning in the city, including Saint Joseph’s University, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Moore College of Art and Design. With all that Philadelphia has to offer, it is not surprising that it is one of the most populated areas in the country.