31 New Homes For Sale in Portland, OR

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The city of Portland, Oregon, has become a national mecca for all things hip and chic, from the edgiest restaurants and fine dining to a culture centered around unique arts and crafts. The homes in Portland are simultaneously efficient and spacious, with one of a kind facets and features to each. In all of Portland’s diverse neighborhoods, you may find quirky bungalows, large modern homes with Victorian styling, or split-level multi-family homes that are accommodating and attractive.

On a very broad scale, Portland is divided into five major quadrants, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, and North Portland. Each of these communities has their own atmosphere and landmarks, and each has come to be known for something different. In Northwest Portland are the Pearl District, Nob Hill, and Uptown, three of the most affluent areas in the city. Northeast Portland, on the other hand, is home to the Alberta Arts District, the Lloyd District, and the Hollywood District, including plenty of retail and commercial space mixed with residences. Both North Portland and the Southeast section of the city are primarily residential, being composed of house and tree-lined streets within the grid system. Southwest Portland, however, is the downtown epicenter of the city, a conglomerate of business areas, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, retail areas, museums, and other attractions.

The economy of the city of Portland relies heavily on retail and commerce, export and trade, industry and manufacturing, professional and business services, finance and banking, and technology and development. Areas of the city have become headquarters for athletic gear and footwear producers, such as Adidas, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear. The nearby ports are still epicenters of shipping and cargo for the northwest region. Additionally, over 1,200 technology related businesses thrive in Portland, including Intel, which is the largest employer in Portland with a workforce of over 15,000 people. This phenomenon has earned Portland the nickname of the ‘Silicon Forest’.