Does my wife have any legal claims to grandfathers property?

My wife has lived in home and property most of her life as grandparents provided care to her.
After marriage we've live in home for 22 years and 17 years she has provided in home health care to both grandparents. Her grandmother had a stroke in 2000. Grandfather asked her to stay to help care for grandmother. Wife has been providing care to grandfather currently providing in home dyalisis to grandfather.
Her mother also lives on a portion of the property for the passed 23 years.
Grandfather has sole ownership to property and has 4 children including mother in law
Youngest of the grandfather claims executor of the estate and plans on selling the land and or charging rent. Also, insisting that rent be charged to my wife and mother as executor. Does my wife or mother in law (daughter to grandfather) (wife is granddaughter) have any legal claims to the land if grandfather passes.
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