is there a apartment that is under 900 we are willing to pay 900 per month and that has 2 bed rooms and 2 baths.

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Do you qualify for section 8 housing? That might be the only way to get one (if one is available), as Michael Mau stated, the rental floor is $1400.
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Michael Mau
answer by Michael Mau   
In Benicia, a two bedroom unit will rent for nothing less than 1400. The challenge is, there just aren't enough rentals to meet the demand. You will have a better chance of finding what you are looking for in Vallejo or Fairfield but even then you are going to have to look pretty hard. Make sure that you have all of your credit reporting to date, a personal letter of introduction and references on hand, and I would suggest that you bring your own application already filled out and ready to give to the owner, landlord, or property manager. I wish you the best in your search for a good home.
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