If a foreclosed property search states a property costs $20,000, outside of closing costs, is that all the house costs to purchase?

Hello I'm from Australia, but my son lives in Minnesota and I'm looking to find an inexpensive/cheaper property to purchase for him - so was thinking I might be able to find an affordable foreclosed property to maybe purchase for him. However I'm a bit confused. When I do a search on Homes.com for the area that I am looking to purchase a home, the search results within the parameters I have set all come up. So say I put in foreclosed homes and $20,000 (in my search parameters) - and a home comes up that states that they want say $18,000 for....is that the actual total price I would need to pay to get the property free and clear of back taxes and/or back payments and then they would want a purchase price on top of that there after? In short what I'm asking is if the property ad / search results state $18,000 is that the total purchase price of the house (outside closing costs)? I'm trying to find a cheap cash sale with limited funds.
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Hello, What is the address?
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