Have a quote for a partial renovation to make 2nd bathroom functional and complete. Quote is 3,000$, will this add at least 3,000 in value?

This would make the house 3BDR 2 bath
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Brian It completely depends on a lot of other variables- such as current sqft of living space, and where (what room) are you planning on carving this space from, is 3/1 or 3/2 standard for your neighborhood, also the cost to do a bathroom depends on the size and will help determine if it is worth it. If you neighborhood is standard 3/2 then it will definitely help with value and with marketability. If you are doing it just to sell the home, you may need to take other factors into consideration. I would be happy to meet with you and give you an opinion based on the home itself, the neighborhood and also based on what the comps are for your neighborhood. Not only am I a Realtor, but I also co-own a design firm with my wife so this is an area that I have experience in. You can click my profile and find all of my contact info there if you want me to answer more questions. Good luck!
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