Anyone getting computer generated leads, being put on a cancel waiting list for months, and have no support from any manager. The scam of

Include any ad*Update* posted this 5 months ago so do not need any answers anymore, thanks.

But thank you for the answers. It feels that we are on here more than customers are. I was tricked into a $52 a month preferred agent contract. I had a total of 3 robot generated leads and on month 3, I tried to opt out of the contract in some way or form. I contacted my account manager, where she gave me the email of the cancelation group. I email them and get an automated response saying that I am being put on a wait list. I tried calling their number and it said they are unavailable and to email them. I asked my account manager, Aileen Anonas, who promised I would get leads and her response was that she never told me I would get leads. I asked for the voice recording of our initial conversation and still have not received it yet. Then got into it with Brandin Fisher. This site is a joke and somehow they got re/max to sign with them. My broker contacted the headquarters of Re/Max to bring up my issue and let them know what the Re/max industry is getting into. They got back saying re/max group is completely different than the preferred agent group and we will not be treated like the dogs that does. I contacted other agents about the same issue I was having and it seems as if everyone is in the same boat as me. 1 more month and I am finally done. I hope you put the $300 to good use.
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