How to get a first time homeowner loan?

Graduating college in May, looking to move around the greater Denver area closer to where a potential job would be. Haven't applied to any jobs yet, as my field is more 'looking for someone ASAP', but there is no shortage of opportunities in my field (Marketing). Long-term boyfriend, whom I'm already living with, signed to start a very high-paying job...but doesn't start until August. Is that not enough for proof of income? Is it possible to get a loan? I've also heard that they're pushing grants because so few people are buying out of college and are renting for years...does this give us any kind of advantage? TYIA
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Good Morning... I'd be happy to help you get in touch with a local mortgage broker who can answer those general questions as well as give you a better feel for your specific situation. There are a lot of variables. Generally you'll need two months paystubs as proof of current income, but there may be some work-arounds such as your boyfriend's upcoming employment contract. There are definitely some great first time home buyer down payment assistance programs available here in Denver which a lender can also look into to see which ones are a good fit for you. I work with a lot of first time home buyers, so if you'd like to know more about the housing market here or the home buying process I'd love to talk to you. Thanks, Julie Trivers Rimola (Associate Real Estate Broker)
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Yes, our lender can help... can you text or cal with your contact info and we will have them reach out... 720 839 4300
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