As a home seller, what are my obligations to a referral agent if I signed a document with her almost a year ago? I want to rescind the agreement.

I met a woman at church and we were getting acquainted. I told her we were going to sell our house in 9 months or so. I told her who I would be using for the sale of my home since we used him (the broker) to buy the home 7 yrs ago. She wanted to refer me to THAT agent saying she worked for him. I never heard of "referral agents" before. She said she needed to make referrals "to keep her license active" and I didn't realize she could potentially profit financially from the sale of my home at my agent's expense. Sadly, she didn't explain her role, responsibilities or my obligations. I signed a document thinking I was helping her fulfill a licensure requirement. How can I cancel or rescind this document? Do I have any future obligation to her if I purchase another home later this year?
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