Is My Reality Store, the company that does foreculosures lidgidemite? Some people told me it may be a scam.

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I have not heard of My Reality Store, and a quick search of the internet has not provided any information regarding a company with this name. However, to answer... The best advice that I can give is to CONTACT YOUR LENDER. They are the primary source of information regarding your loan. If the lender has started foreclosure proceedings on your home, they should be able to tell you which department is now handling the loan default, and what is required of you to stop the process. It is often-time referred to as a loss mitigation department, although each bank may have their own name for the area that handles delinquent loans and/or foreclosure properties. Also, create a file folder and take good notes to whom you spoke (including dates and times) at your bank each time that you have contact with the bank, and ask what is needed of you, and follow up with the bank on a timely and regular basis. You may wish to consult legal counsel to assure that your interests are represented.
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