Are there any handicap accessible houses for rent which accepts Section 8?

My husband needs to have a one story house because he is on dialysis and uses a walker but will eventually be wheelchair bound. He would like to get an electric wheelchair but he needs to be able to put it inside his residence. I need to have wood on the floor or specialized padding because I have severe scolioses and concrete floors cause my back to be in pain to the point that I am sitting all the time and not able to do the house work.
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Hello, There probably are, but you would have to have a Realtor look at the listings and determine which ones might have handicap accessibility. Most landlords would be ok with modifications to a home also, if you find one that is suitable. Look for homes that have no steps, or a short step. Ranch homes have this. We have many homes near my office in Park Ridge that have this, a short 4" step up to the main level, and no other steps. So it is easy to have a simple ramp made, and then widen or remove doors as neccessary in the home. It might not be perfect, but there are many that might work. Most of the listings will have flooring types listed also, so hardwood or laminate flooring would be what you want. Laminate is nice as it has a foam liner underneath for cusion. You just have to be careful to not get it too wet during cleaning, as the seams will expand and look bad.
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