how i know a house is FHA?

Asked by: of Phoenix, AZ on 2013-06-29T17:30:16Z

If you provide the address to a lender they will be able to confirm if the address will work for an FHA loan.


Most single family home will qualify for an FHA loan. there is adata-base of FHA-approved condo projects.


A Realtor can actually be a great resource on this Properties that are eligible for FHA financing need to meet minimum physical standards which can be researched on the HUD website. If you are looking in a condo community then not only must the property meet the minimum physical standards the community itself must pass HUD guidelines. The main cause for communities not being approved is that they have owner occupant to non-owner occupant ratio of less than 50. Lastly when an agent lists a home for sale in the MLS they should have performed at least some due diligence to make sure a home will qualify for FHA financing.


Most homes are FHA approved and if you have a specific house in mind feel free to contact me directly and I will gladly help you to determine if the home is approved or not.Best Regards Cathy


Most single family detached homes are FHA approved. Condos and town homes are another matter. If you are interested in learning if a condo or town home community is FHA approved I can assist with you search and provide you with listings that are FHA approved based on information from HUD. Thanks


it should be spelled out under the financing options or contact your agent they can tell you...the loan may be assumable


A large part of FHA approval depends on the physical condition of the home - it's an individual decision and is generally in the hands of the appraiser.


If the house is listed for HUD the realtor will able to tell you that info.