Where can I find USDA properties?

Asked by: of Riverview, FL on 2014-05-01T14:29:47Z

USDA properties are located in rural areas. Most counties offer usda in certain parts of the county. For example Hillsborough county has Ruskin as one area there are more Other counties offer USDA as well in the surrounding Tampa Bay area. It is more about location not the home. Have you been pre approved for a usda type loan If not and your in need of 100 finance or first time home buyer type loans there are others other then usda.


Go to Google and type in USDA eligibility. The website comes right up. Shows a map and everything. Did you need an excellent Broker I can help... Your Broker should be able to tell you this stuff. Education is the most important foundation to a strong real estate career. I have excellent lenders that know everything about these types of loans. They may be able to give you guidance. Feel free to contact me. Always happy to share the good...


You can find a map on the USDA home site. This map changes from time to time. You will want to talk to a financial advisor to see if you qualify for a USDA Loan.


I find that the map on USDA is the best way of doing a home search. Then have your REALTOR look only in those areas.


If you go directly to the USDA website you can type in a specific address and see if it is eligible under the program. Good luck


Cynthia USDA properties are designated by location that is a rural area. If you contact a knowledgeable Real Estate agent in the area you are interested in they would be able to locate properties that are USDA qualified.You can often find some nice property if you prefer a rural area. If I could assist you in finding a good agent please contact me and I can suggest some to you. Best wishes.


If you live in KS be prepared to wait up to 75 days to close your loan if you are going usda


The USDA perimeters will be changing the end of this month Sept. They are limiting the areas even more. I can email you the current website with the areas in the central Fla area if you like. Will be glad to help you.


It's better if you get connected to a lender who specialize on USDA loans. I work with one and they can help you find USDA eligible properties. Please be aware of the changes this year. Lots of restrictions in the areas of coverage and at least 60 days minimum escrow.


As of Sept 30th the areas of USDA will change dramatically. The areas will be shrinking meaning that the homes that once qualified for a USDA loan based on location will no longer lie in an acceptable area. I tried to paste the website here for you but this form will not allow me to do that. Please call me with your email address and I will be glad to send it to you.


go to the usda website they have regions on map or google it


Please feel free to visit my website and download the Free app for your phone. You can search in real time like a Pro. Thank you Victoria Always REALTOR


Try USDA.gov they have a detailed search option.


The State of Florida has Bond money for first time homebuyers and Military Heroes. Up to 10k is available and there is plenty of money but you MUST work with an APPROVED lender. A single person cannot earn more than 65 925. Larger families can earn more. This is available to buy ANY property in Florida not just those in the USDA boundaries. You must be able to qualify for an FHA Conventional or VA mortgage and again you MUST work with an APPROVED lender. Some Non-Approved lenders may try to tell you there is not money available but I can assure you there is plenty of money for everyone who qualifies.


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