If a lease term specifies "monthly" on a rental property in Florida, is this likely for the purpose of rent increases during the "in season" months?

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If you do not sign a lease and are simply on a month-to-month rental then the landlord can raise your rent every month if they choose to. You also are entitled to only offer 15 days notice when you want to move. So the question is why you would agree to rent on only a month-to-month basis... Also be VERY CAUTIOUS become some rentals are from owners who may have only acquired title via an HOA or CONDO foreclosure action and the 1 mortgage is still owed and eventually the unit will get foreclosed. Also I've seen pretty crazy lease agreements that basically says the tenant is responsible for any repairs. Plumbing and broken A/C issues can be very expensive. So if something sounds too good to be true...
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