My salary is 50,000 what is the possibility that i could be approved for a $140,000 mortgage loan?

I plan to meet with a credit counselor at the housing authority here In Jackson, MS But she's not available until next week and I'm really anxious now and I don't want to do a prequalification until I get her advice but I'm crushed for time because my job is promoting me so I'll have to move to Jackson and start working there June 1st.

My situation: I'm 28 & single. my credit score is 675, I don't have any credit card debt because when I use my credit card I pay it off that month to avoid interest. I have 55,000 in student loans but my payment is only $200mo and after 10 years the balance will go away because I work for a nonprofit. My car is paid for so my only other monthly debt I have is my car insurance which is $160 a month. I don't have any money saved. I could ASK my dad to help with a down payment but I'm trying to be adult about this.

I want to buy because I have a huge dog 95lbs (mastiff/boxer) and she's an inside dog and most landlords won't allow dogs over 30lbs in the house. IM NOT GETTING RID OF her because she's my baby! I can't say in an apartment because she needs a yard to play in. I live in a townhouse now in Biloxi ms that has a fenced yard and the rent is only 775. To get everything I want in a place like that in Jackson, and in a safe area, the rent would be $1400+ !! so I figured I should just buy because Jackson is my hometown and I plan to live there permanently and Frankly I'm tired of moving!

I'm just curious as to what some if you think
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Sean Cornwell
answer by Sean Cornwell   
Based on the information you posted in your question there is a good chance you could be pre-qualified and there might be a few first time home buyer programs you could qualify for that could give you some extra money towards your monthly payment and down payment. My company is the top overall producer for Mississippi Home Corp first time buyer products and I'd like the opportunity to help you out. Contact me at anytime. My name is Sean Cornwell.
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