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I question the home values you have placed on some of the properties on Levi Lane. You have valued duplexes that are built on a slab the same, e.g., 1125 Levi Lane or almost the same as duplexes with walkout basements, e.g., 1116 and 1124 Levi Lane. Also you have valued smaller duplexes with walkout basements, e.g., 1132 Levi Lane higher than larger duplexes with walkout basements, e.g., 1124 Levi Lane. You have valued duplexes without finished basement, 1140 Levi Lane almost the same as those with finished basements, e.g., 1116 Levi Lane.

Your home values are very misleading.

Thanks very much!
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Hi Betty- If you are looking for the value of a property you specifically own on Levi Lane, you should have an experienced agent, who works in your area, come over to give you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Then you will have a much better idea rather than relying on Homes DOT com's values.
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Ms. Bitner: You are right in your comments about valuations on websites in general! Most sites are trying to use a national approach to doing values on the local level and it just doesn't work that way. It's still best of deal with a local agent who knows the area to help determine the value of your home.
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Jewel Palmer
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As it states on the "Home Values".... *Home Value is not an appraisal; it's an estimate of value based on certain information. Use as a starting point, but we strongly recommend you contact a real estate professional for a more detailed evaluation. I believe the majority of this information is pulled from tax records etc. As you and I both know, if it is trying to pull an actual "value" from tax records etc, it is near impossible since properties are assessed and valued at different times for tax purposes, not all information is accurate and some is even missing. I'm actually really glad that you noticed the values are not accurate. The same thing occurs on sites such as Zill** with their "zestimates". As a Realtor, I wish more people would realize they aren't accurate, and there is no way they can be. The only way to get a good value would be via an appraisal from an appraiser or a Comparable Market Analysis from a Realtor. I hope this sheds some light onto why these values are not always accurate.
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