how to acquire reliable buyer information on foreclosures and short sales without having to pay all the different real estate internet web sites

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Heather, there are multiple places to get the information that interests you. My first recommendation would be to engage a real estate pro whom specializes in working with foreclosures and short sales (you can find someone with experience and/or there are several designations that indicate an agent has been trained in the processes) because many short sales and foreclosures end up on the MLS via Real Estate companies. Another option would be to pay attention to the local postings for auctions etc... (foreclosure auctions require public postings, so there really is no need to pay services to tell you about something that is posted for all to see) though if you are not very experienced with those, you should definitely plan on going to a few before expecting to do anything. There are also some really good resources available on youtube etc... Your reason for wanting the information makes quite a difference as to the resources that you should consider tapping into as well...If you are hoping to become an investor, you may want to consider joining a REIA (Real Estate Investment Association), so you can tap into the wisdom of experienced investors, whereas if you are just hoping to find a really great deal for your own home, the need to understand the process is less important and working with a knowledgeable pro will probably be your BEST bet. There are pros and cons to both foreclosures and short sales, so once you determine your reason for looking, you may decide to go for one over the other. Good luck to you.
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