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Cozy Homes's most recent endorsements

Sandro (07-18-20011) I had the upmost privilege to work with both Dennis Rappaport and Smith Caseus while I was going through the process of purchasing my first home. Last year, when I walked in their office at (Cozy Homes) I felt right at home, they made me feel some welcome that I had entrusted my confidence in them to find me the perfect home. I can honestly indicate that I had a wonderful experience and now a year later I am a proud home owner. I owe my gratitude to (Cozy Homes) for making my dream come true. Furthermore, I would highly recommend (Cozy Homes) and the Rappaport's team to anyone of my friends including my family. If you spark an interest in buying, renting a house or apartment then Cozy Homes is the right place for you, they are highly trained and diligent professionals that will never yield until they find you the best of everything...... Thank you Dennis Rappaport and the Cozy Family for such an awesome experience – Sandro Sandro
7/26/11 To whom it may concern: I thank God for Cozy Homes Realty. My life was changed the day I walked through the doors, where I met with Mr. Carlos and right away I thought that he was very knowledgeable in his field and very confident in what he was doing. He always greeted us with a smile and said the right things to calm me down when I got a little nervous about things. I was very impressed with the way he always conducted himself in a very professional manner. The staff also was very friendly and helpful. With Carlos, I thought it was always about getting the job done no matter how long it took. He would always hang in there with you . A true mark of a professional. I am very grateful for Mr. Carlos who took us around and showed great patience with us, and even now after nine months later in our home, he’s still the same way. Always willing to help with whatever the problem is, and always with a smile. Thank you Mr. Carlos for all you’ve done for us. We’ll never forget you. God Bless! Mr. Edwards – Mr. Edwards
Cozy Homes, Hi my name is Roland Brown and I just recently bought a home from Cozy Homes Real Estate. Mr. Dennis Rappaport and his outstanding staff made my buying of a home a wonderful experience! Mr. Rappaport has over 40 years in the business and is well known. He is a friendly, honest, professional, and really knows his craft. He worked with me on my numbers, helped improve my score and taught me the ropes! I told him the kind of house I wanted and he had just the right home for me. I had walked into Mr. Rappaport's office by mistake thinking I was someplace else. Well after 5 hours I knew I was in the right place and in the good hands of Mr. Dennis Rappaport. He was very patient with me and I have recommended him to all my friends and family. Roland Brown – Roland Brown