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How do you look for a good realtor to fit for your needs? Experience? David Simmers, licensed since 1999 Use a retired, part timer? This is your largest investment. Professionals will make your best deal.. Or, are experiences important to you? Listings? That's what realtors do. Finding the right house? That's also what we do. Lead clients through the closing process. Again, that's what we do. Financing a house. Not all realtors do that but I have done that and I can counsel you and your needs. Refinancing a house, not only to save it but to offer the ability to pay it off, early. Not all realtors do that. I have done that. Helping sub prime buyers get a loan. I've done that. Built new homes. Not all realtors have done that. I have done that. Buying distressed property? I have done that, myself. Restoring an older property?. Few realtors do that. I have done that. Acquiring ranch land. Converting it to irrigated farm land? Selling it for a gain? I have done that and I can consult you about your commercial ideas. I've priced homes from a mortgagee's point of view. Few realtors have done that. Do you need to sell a house? Or is your need to trust someone to get top dollar? I do that. A 1031 or 1039 tax exchange? Let's talk about minimizing your taxes. AMBUCS is an organization of fun loving, child loving, people loving folks that enjoy producing benefits, raising funds and using them to help children and adults to overcome mobility challenges. In addition to offering them "Trykes" for transportation; scholarships are awarded to deserving young people that are seeking medical education to help patients with these types of needs. We plan new events at weekly meetings and celebrate our wins at occasional banquets. The whole thing is a blast. If you want to make some lasting relationships with some great folks and help others; this is the place to do it. Call me at 806-679-1945 and come to a meeting with me.

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David's most recent endorsements

"I am a commercial real estate broker and have had the privilege and responsibility of being David's Broker Sponsor with the Texas Real Estate Commission. During this time, I have known David to be a man of broad business experience, a man of integrity, a self-starter, friendly, creative, aggressive and forward thinking in his ideas to create and close business, and someone I have enjoyed working with. For whatever opportunity you have to be associated with David, I can certainly recommend him to you." Paul Ott – Client Endorsement
"David has represented me in a number of real estate transactions, both in buying and selling properties and keeping me aware of market conditions and changes not only in property values but financial opportunities. I appreciate the relationship he developed with me over roughly a 10 year period that has found me selling property, buying property, being a landlord, refinancing to take advantage of falling interest rates, etc. Keeping me aware when it didn't necessarily benefit him financially. I wasn't just a one time buy/sell customer but a client that he created an ongoing relationship with. Having spent 3 decades in a customer "First" service industry, myself, it's been refreshing to deal with an agent that knows how to build a relationship. " Sincerely, Marcus Dean, Austin, Tx – Client Endorsement


David's experience and certificatons

Accredited Buyer Representative
With over 40,000 members, REBAC is the largest association of real estate professionals focusing on all aspects of buyer representation.
Identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®