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Whether you are looking to Buy or Sell a home (or both) The Micah Olson and the Effective Agent Team is your best resource in Utah.Micah is real estate's first "Personal Shopper", and loves helping buyers look at their perfect homes. He will help you with every aspect of finding and buying your new home. Micah always saves his buyers thousands of dollars on homes through her access to "coming-soon" sales, and lightening fast communication! Micah is an expert at selling homes for top dollar. From professional photography, and cutting edge social marketing to good old fashioned door to door advertising Micah will get your home in front of thousands of active buyers. That is why he consistently sells homes at the highest "per sq ft" prices. Ask about his unique guarantees for sellers. Micah has a full staff of transaction coordinators, marketers, photographers, and office support staff, all dedicated to helping you get the best deal possible when buying or selling a home! We look forward to meeting you!

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Micah's most recent endorsements

If you are looking to buy or sell I would highly recommend going with Micah Olson. He has done a great job communicating, keeping me informed and up to date. Made the process really smooth. – Phil Novak
I am now a first time home owner because of Micah! I couldn't be happier with his service! I went through several agents before Micah, and he is far superior. He did his homework, and he knew exactly what was best for us. I strongly recommend Micah for anyone who want a great experience in buying a home. – Diana Olsen
If you are looking to buy or sell I would highly recommend going with Micah Olson. He has done a great job communicating, keeping me informed and up to date. Made the process really smooth. – Phil Novak
When we met Micah we were unsure and insecure, but he timed the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home perfectly. His communication is great, he pulled off a miracle. Everything he said would happen happened. – Michelle Medina
He made the sale of our home very smooth. We had multiple offers and ended up getting $13,000 more than we hopped, and we were able to sell without any complications! He did wonders for us and was very reliable. I highly recommend Micah Olson! – Phil Novak
I would totally recommend Micah! We couldn't have done it ourselves, and it is great to have it done. He helped with the difficult financial situation with our home, and took care of the whole process. – Renee Williams
It was great having Micah help with our home. The short sale took a long time because of out bank but we felt like Micah was always fighting hard so we could have what we wanted! Thank you Micah – Brian Carlile
Micah helped us with the short sale of our home. I would totally recommend him for any real estate needs. We couldn't have done it ourselves, it is so nice to have all of the stress gone and get back to our lives. – Steve Williams
We recommend anyone who needs help to call Micah, he did such a great job for us! He got our home sold and took care of all the things that needed to be done without the stress. Now we have been able to move. – Shelly Estrada
Micah and his team were really helpful, they knew so much, and always used their knowledge to help us! He stuck with us for a year and a half, even when we had given up hope. But Micah never quit and got everything done just how it needed to be. – Raquel Carlile
Micah was awesome! He kept up with all of our emails and texts. He was always very easy to reach, and let us know what was going on the whole time making it go really smoothly! You should work with Micah if you need to sell your home. – Deseree Novak
Micah has handled everything for us making the process really easy! He got the bank to forgive all of the debt that we owed that was above the value of our home so that we could sell our house, and we actually got money back! – Joaquin Estrada
It was great working with Micah! He was the only agent that knew I could keep making payments and short-sale my house, and was able to get the deficiency waived. I am really happy with his service! Great Realtor – Tommy Parish
Me and my wife both agree that Micah has earned every penny of his commission. He did so much great work for us helping us find the right now, and now we are the proud owners of a new house right where we wanted to live! – Mat Parke
Our experience with Micah has been second to none! He has been courteous and helped us through our hardships selling our house, and we would recommend anyone that needs help to go to Micah, none are better! – Clay Hooley
We closed on our house today, with Micah as our agent, and he has helped us so much through this complicated process, and we are so grateful to him for all of the shopping around, answering our questions, research, everything he did. – Gigi Park
Working with Micah was the best call I could have made! He made it so simple, easy and worry free. I can't even express the gratitude I fell for how easy he made our experience, and how much he helped us when we needed it the most. – Michelle Hoy
As an attorney I had thought that I would know enough to buy a home but when I started working with Micah on the purchase of a short-sale he was able to work with me on all of the issues. Micah helped me out a ton! – Brent Gordon
We are really picky, but Micah was really patient with us, and helped us get the exact home we wanted (even though we needed to look at a lot of homes), and we would recommend him without any reservations at all. Thank you Micah! – Jay Heath
Working with Micah and his team totally took the worry out of selling our home. He made a world of difference in our lives, and it was a big relief to get someone as good as him to get our house sold! – Michael Hoy
Micah is great! He has been helping us out for a year and a half to two years, because we something very specific in mind, but he was patient with us and we would really recommend him to anyone that needs help with a home. – Megan Heath
Micah helped me sell a condo that I had owned for a long time. He knew all about selling in Day Break and was able to take care of everything for me. Even with a few last minute changes Micah handled everything professionally. – Candice Toone
Micah was so knowledgeable and pointed out a million things I wouldn't have even noticed. He was just so concerned about every little thing, pro or con, of the homes that we looked at Micah is great! He has been helping us out for a year and a half to two years, because we something very specific in mind, but he was patient with us and we would really recommend him to anyone that needs help with a home. He really wanted us to find somewhere we were happy with. – Brandon Toone
Micah went out of his way to help us. He was really sensitive to our needs, and immediately jumped to our aid whenever we needed it. I especially liked how Micah would talk to homeowners who wanted to give us "the tour" so that we were free to look around on our own.. – Candice Toone
Micah is awesome to work with, he is fast and diligent, the service he gave was just great! I will have him help me buy more homes in the future and have already worked with him on other real estate ideas. – Greg Ellis
Working with Micah was great, he helped so much and we would love to work with him again. He helped us get a home that had multiple offers, in the perfect neighborhood, close to our families. Thanks Micah! – Melissa Ellis
Its been great working with Micah, he helped me with all of the steps, and I was very impressed with his help. He took care of all the stressful negotiations with banks, buyers, agents, etc... You have to work with Micah! – Jeri Kesler
Micah was very patient with us as we tried to find the right home. He gave us all of the information we needed. The best thing about Micah is that he is genuinely honest. He let us know exactly what he thought, and his honesty gave me peace of mind. – Mat Pledger
We have had a fantastic experience with Micah. He is very kind, considerate and understanding. He would do the best possible for anyone. He knew exactly what to do with the sale of our home to get everything to work for us! – Kevin Wilde
We would like anyone who needs help to know that Micah has been a wonderful Realtor. He works really well with anyone. Thanks Micah! We have referred out kids to him, and will work with him again if we ever need to buy or sell. – Michelle Wilde
Micah came to our house and explained the process we were going to go through, and everything worked out like he told us it would. He took the pressure off of us. Anyone who needs help should know that Micah is a great person to have on your team. – Ed White
We want to really thank Micah for helping us out. I feel so lucky to have found him. After all the work that he did for us I know that we got the best possible person for the job. If you have any questions give him a call. – Karen White
We just bought our first house and needed a lot of help, and it was very fast and smooth. He helped us find the house we wanted close to work and family and did everything we needed done. We love our new house! – Mandi Sandblom
We just bought our first house, and loved the whole experience it was very fast and smooth. He helped us find the house we wanted close to work and family and did everything we needed done. We love our new house! – Davey Sandblom
We found the home we wanted very quickly. Micah made the process easy and clear always directing us where we needed to go. he knows a lot about real estate and loans. The entire process from start to finish only took about 6 weeks. – Blake Greenhalgh
We worked with Micah and were really pleased with the experience. He got the price for the house we wanted down significantly to get us a GREAT deal. Without him we would not have been able to get such a great home at such a great price – Whitney Greenhalgh
We definable saved all of the money it cost to hire Micah. Micah knew all of the right people, so we had a great experience with everyone. I was super curious, and Micah knew everything. He was able to answer all of my questions perfectly. – James Perry
Micah was really great. All I had to do was meet him at houses and look to find the one that would work best for my family. It was really nice having him, because he was our advocate, and he defended us, and did all of the things we didn't want to. – Brenna Perry
Micah took care of everything when we had to sell our home. He coordinated everything in the process so that we could have a smooth experience. He always let us know what was happening. Working with Micah went very well. – Michael Bailey
I did a lot of research to find the right Realtor to help with my situation, and Micah was the best. I am very glad that I decided to work with him. The process was been very smooth and easy, and I am glad I chose him. – Roylene Bailey
Micah and Esther were great! They helped us get a loan for a house fast even though I had tried for many years already. I thought that we would have to wait for much longer to buy. But now we are in a beautiful home! – Alejandro Leal
It was great working with Micah's team! We didn't think that we would be able to get a loan, because we had tried for many years, but Micah's team helps us so much with everything. Esther was great at helping us look at all of the best homes until we found one that was just right! – Cindy Michelle Leal
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