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I've been a broker for buyers and sellers for several years, with a previous background in lending, allowing me to facilitate quick and smooth closings. With a primary emphasis on high communication and excellent service, my clients always feel the strength of leadership and quality of performance. I'm looking forward to hearing from you today!

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Keller Williams 2211 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660
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Reno's most recent endorsements

As first time home-buyers we felt so nervous and unprepared. Reno came along side us and walked us through every step of the process: classes, loan applications, house showing, and encouragement-he did it all. We needed to move FAST and over the course of two weeks he probably showed us close to 30 houses. He would meet us at the drop of a hat. He provided so much wisdom and insight through that process and was so positive it took a lot of fear out of the process for us. In the end, when we were ready to make an offer he got us the house for even less than we dared ask for. He has a gift for working with buyers, sellers, lenders and other agents. He was the constant professional, but even more than that he became a dear friend to us through the process and we have him to thank for the beautiful home our family is in today. Alyssa & Josiah Siers – Reno Warren
Hello, My wife and I met Reno Warren when we were looking for homes out on our own in the summer of 2014 while he was doing an open house. After talking to him for a while my wife and I felt very comfortable with him and asked him to come to our house and give us his thoughts on what it was worth. We only lived 10 blocks away and he came over immediately after the open house and gave us what we thought was a very valid and candid assessment. We were struggling with whether or not to list with Reno or a long time friend (an excellent Real Estate professional). In the end we felt Reno was more aggressive, extremely knowledgeable, and would do whatever it took to help us. We signed with him for our listing and we looked at numerous homes. It turned out that our home did not get an offer for 9 or 10 months (despite several open houses and me wanting top dollar) and so we did not look again until we got an offer on ours. The buyer (only offer) was from out of state and didn't want to deal with the list of things that came up in the inspection and backed out. We were shocked!! It was pages and pages of mostly what most would consider minor things except for paint and a roofing issue. I asked Reno, "what do we do"? He said we fix everything! I told Reno I couldn't manage that project due to my travelling schedule. Monday morning he was there with various contractors and managing the project himself. He kept in constant contact with me texting & emailing me pictures and estimates and giving me the best advice on what to do. Bottom line is thanks to him we got things figured out and fixed in short order for a very reasonable price tag. After that he got the buyers back into the deal and worked with me on strategy for negotiations. At a certain point it was very touchy and I told him he was on his own and to do what he thought was right to bring the deal home and that he did! We still got full asking price despite a few thousand to fix some things. We stayed with my wife's parents while we were looking for a home for a while. We quickly realized that there was no inventory in Vancouver. There were 3 (new construction) move in ready places! Homes were being bought before they were finished. The market here is wicked! Fortunately Reno knew of a neighborhood off the beaten path and we ended up in what looked like what would be a great neighborhood! Prices were going up dramatically every month and we found a home that we felt when finished would be right for us. Reno negotiated everything and kept the seller on target the whole way. Thanks to Reno we made a great transition just at the right time and saved literally a large fortune on a fantastic home! (not even a small fortune) He is THE MAN for real estate in Clark County for sure! We refer our friends and family to him regularly. I will not use another realtor.....He is a great guy and we were blessed to have him working for us! We are SO HAPPY with our new home. It would NOT have happened with out Reno! We fully endorse him! Tom & Jen – Tom Whaley
Reno came highly recommended by several mutual friends and had a stellar reputation I was aware of long before I began my own search for a home. I was a first time home buyer and completely overwhelmed by the process. Reno made everything easy. His long career in the real estate industry (first as a Loan Officer) gives him a deep understanding of the market and great connections which he put to use for me. I ended up being able to purchase a brand new home in a brand new neighborhood, and the first home I fell in love with. Typically this would have been out of reach for someone needing closing costs paid for. The first time we toured the home, we were told that companies don't typically pay closing costs on new construction. Reno insisted that this was non-negotiable, and a week later we were making an offer on the home after being offered an incredible incentive package. Reno went above and beyond throughout the entire process. He was quick to answer texts, emails, and phone calls at all hours. After purchasing my home, my questions have continued and Reno has continued to be a great support and answer man. I cannot imagine having a better experience purchasing a home, and highly recommend Reno Warren to anyone who values high-quality service, prompt communication, and continual support throughout the process. – Laura S Truitt
Reno Warren was a joy to work with. His enthusiasm and motivation was contagious from the get go. He seemed personally invested in helping us find the perfect home for our needs while at the same time helping us make wise decisions practically and financially. He was not afraid to point out any red flags he saw, which furthered our conviction that he truly cared about our investment. Communication is his strong point. He always responded quickly and efficiently to any questions or concerns that came up and made himself available without hesitation into the evening hours. He was an invaluable resource in helping us navigate buying our first home and the huge learning curve that it was. He was tirelessly committed to doing whatever it took to help us get our home, even to the extent of resubmitting paperwork at his office late on a Sunday night to ensure we didn't miss out on a bid. Even after we won our bid he continued working hard on our behalf and his communication with the seller enabled us to close on our home an entire week early! I highly recommend Reno. He is a man of integrity who puts his clients needs and best interest first and I would absolutely choose him again. – Sarah Keener
I saw on Facebook that a number of people i knew were working with Reno as their real estate expert. I was acquainted with him and saw him at a mutual event we were attending and told him I was interested in starting to look to purchase my first home but I wasn't certain I could since I didn't have a down payment and typically make too much money for first time home buyer type programs. Reno didn't flinch and said, "Let's get going and find you a home - I'm sure there are options for you!" Reno was right and he was 100% dedicated to help me find a home that suited my needs in the midst of a very tight buyer's market. He worked tirelessly for me while. I was understandably anxious as I'd never done this before so he made sure he understood my needs and steered me away from houses that wouldn't be in my best interest versus his. He is trustworthy and very knowledgeable. I have and would recommend Reno in a heartbeat. – Jan Bowers
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