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The city of Anniston definitely has that rural, small-town vibe. It is surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes and state parks. Agricultural work does play a role in Anniston, and there are many areas that will create a feeling of being one with nature. There are a great deal of campgrounds and hiking trails including the famous Chief Ladiga Trail. The Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge is also located in Anniston and is home to a rich pine forest. The scenery that spans the city is carefully preserved in order for residents to enjoy it year round. The more urban areas within the city are meticulously kempt and decorated with lawns and trees to maintain a picturesque environment.

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Sitting in the shadow of Blue Mountain, Anniston, Alabama, is a bustling town that combines a rich natural landscape with an urban feel. The rural side of Anniston features larger mansion-type estates sprawled out on acres of land. Aside from that, the city is known for its well-organized layout that situates many single-family, middle class homes along crisscrossing streets.

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