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Life in Illinois can range from being part of one of the country's largest metropolitan areas to living in a rural town. More rentals are available in the state's metropolitan areas, such as Chicago, Springfield, and Carbondale among others. The larger cities also offer a wider variety of home options. Rental housing is available in some of the more rural areas as well because of economic opportunities in those regions.

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The most populous region in Illinois is Chicagoland, home to the largest metropolitan area in the Midwest, Chicago. The region is not just an economic hub, but is a diverse city with great amenities. The region boasts some of the best museums and theaters in the country as well as a commitment to the arts. It lies on the bank of Lake Michigan, which has a big effect on its climate. The Chicago area is prone to wind coming in off the lake, as well as cold and snowy winters. The Northern Region of Illinois includes the city of Rockford. Aside from its most populous city, it is home to smaller towns and rural neighborhoods. The Western Region of the state is mostly rural and is a big producer of corn and soy. The Central Region is the largest region in the state and includes Springfield and Danville. The area is economically diverse with important industries including agriculture, government and manufacturing. The southern region has two significant metropolitan areas. Carbondale is to the east and on the western border, part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area is within the region. Most of the area between is farmland.