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Looking to rent a home in Indiana? Indiana is home to thriving cities, booming college towns and great homes for rent. Most cities in Indiana, including Indianapolis, have a variety of homes in the rental market at affordable rates. The college towns of Bloomington and Lafayette have a tighter rental market because of their proximity to large universities.

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The northern part of the state is called the Great Lakes Plains. The region is geographically, culturally and economically tied to metropolitan areas outside of the state. To the west, it is still considered part of the Chicago Metro area, while the central section is connected to southwest Michigan. To the east, Fort Wayne is an economic hub for the region. The Central Region is also known as the Till Plains. Many consider the region to be limited to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area because it is the most economically dominant in the region. It is home to a wealth of universities and a bustling economy. The largest industries in the region are auto manufacturing, science and research, and technology. The southern region of Indiana is part of a tri-state area including Illinois and Kentucky. The largest city in the region is Evansville. While its economy is reliant on surrounding states, it is home to several large publicly traded companies and the University of Southern Indiana.