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Right in the middle of the continental United States sits Kansas, the 34th state admitted to the Union. With hot summers and snowy winters, Kansas has as much variance in its weather as it does in styles of houses. You can find Colonial Revival and 3- and 4-bedroom ranch homes in the countryside, as well as townhouses and single family homes in the suburbs and cities. Like so many parts of the midwest, rental homes are fairly priced and available.

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The state's capital is Topeka, while the largest city in Kansas is Wichita, located a few hours north of the Oklahoma border. Perhaps the most talked about city is Lawrence, home to Kansas University and one of the nation's most famed basketball programs. Lawrence is about an hour outside of Kansas City, a huge metropolitan area that is technically in Missouri, though it straddles the border between the two states. The western half of Kansas slopes upward towards the base of the Rockies, yet still consists of mostly fields and plains. On the eastern side there is more forestland, and the northeastern border of the state is primarily defined by the Missouri River. In the southwest corner you can visit Dodge City, famous for its old cattle drives. Much of the state is still home to livestock and ranches, while Lawrence and Wichita provide the urban outlet.