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Nestled on the the Mid-Atlantic coast, Maryland offers rental homes to suit most lifestyle needs. From one- to three-bedroom townhouses surrounding the Baltimore metropolitan area, to 1,500 to 2,500 square foot single-family dwellings in central Maryland, the rental market has options for everyone. Generally, outside of the cities, homes are of the Postwar and modern colonial styles. However, depending on the region, housing styles and sizes vary greatly across the state.

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Maryland is divided into five distinct regions: Western, Central, Southern, Eastern Shore, and Capital Regions. Western Maryland is the state's natural treasure, with lakes and forests in abundance. Located outside of Washington D.C., the Capital Region has great historic connections, including being the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson. Today, the region leads the state's technology, education and research sectors. Central Maryland houses the state's largest cities of Baltimore and Annapolis, the state capital. By far the most populous region in the state, the area provides many economic and cultural opportunities. The region is also known for its Chesapeake Bay waterfront. To the south is Southern Maryland, which is an active farming region for corn, tobacco, soybeans and wheat. Finally, the Eastern Shore, also predominantly farmland, borders Maryland's Atlantic coastline. Here, tourists and locals alike are drawn to Maryland's famous beach towns, such as Ocean City.