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Although small in size, New Jersey is a well-known destination for a smorgasbord of attractions and cultural activities to enjoy. Known as the Garden State, New Jersey offers a diverse and eclectic selection of rental home styles from cozy seaside bungalows and traditional Colonials to split-level ranches and capes. The rental market caters to all types of home seekers and offers a wide selection of house styles and sizes to suit various tastes and preferences.

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New Jersey has six distinctive regions within the state, each of which is as diverse as the people who live within each of the unique communities. Residents within close proximity to the ocean's shoreline enjoy a more laid back lifestyle because of this location that provides easy access to the native wildlife. The Jersey Shore area provides locals with a peaceful community rich with cultural activities that is offset by the gentle ocean breezes. Seaside cottages as well as large estate mansions can be seen along the coastline. As you get closer to the suburban and metropolitan regions of the state, architectural styles can take on more modern-day features, which include new housing developments with recently built homes in sprawling neighborhoods. The Valley and Ridge Appalachian region of New Jersey lies in the northwestern part of the state. Here, visitors and residents can enjoy hiking trails and spectacular views.