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There are a wide variety of homes and apartments for rent in New Mexico. Whether you want a high-rise apartment in the state's capital or you're looking for a condominium to rent, there are dozens of rentals available for you and your family. New Mexico also has a wide variety of houses for rent as well as townhouses across the state.

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There are four major land regions in New Mexico. The Great Plains region is located in the eastern side of the state and has high plateaus and deep canyons. The Colorado Plateau region is in the northwest portion of the state. Residents there enjoy wide valleys, deep canyons and mesas. In north central New Mexico lie a series of mountain ranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains. Wheeler Peak, the highest point in the state, is located in the Rocky Mountain region. The fourth New Mexico region is the Basin and Range region and it is found in the southwest portion of the state. This large region includes mountains and deserts and is where the Rio Grande River is located. This region is also home to the Elephant Butte Dam, a major source of irrigation for farming within the state.