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North Carolina offers a wide variety of housing options for residents, including great rental properties. There are waterfront homes close to the beach, making time in the sun convenient. There are also dozens of condominiums and townhomes for rent, offering residents beautiful homes with amenities. Families in need of more space will find there are plenty of residential homes for rent in North Carolina as well.

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There are three major regions in North Carolina. The Coastal Plain is in the eastern portion of the state. This part of the state has the closest access to the Atlantic Ocean. This region is often divided into the Outer Coastal Plain and the Inner Coastal Plain. The Outer Banks and the Tidewater area are both found in the Outer Coastal Plain while the Inner Coastal Plain is more inland. The Piedmont Region runs right down the middle of North Carolina. Piedmont means 'foot of the mountain' in French, making it an aptly named region. This part of the state contains the beginning of the area's mountain ranges. The third region is the Mountains Region and, as the name implies, is comprised of the state's mountain ranges. This region is located in the western part of the state and elevations here can reach one mile high.