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Oklahoma has a wide range of amazing homes for sale along the plains. Whether you want a ranch-style or brick home dominating your land, there is a mix of both types all around the state. The smaller towns are known for the simple, one-story homes. Between the towns, you can experience true country living. In the larger cities such as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, there are many suburban neighborhoods with large family homes available.

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There are six main regions of Oklahoma. The northwest region includes the Oklahoma panhandle, and the region's largest city, Guymon, and is known as Red Carpet Country. This includes. The name comes from the red soil that is common in the area. You can also catch the most beautiful blood-red sunsets, making the whole earth and sky illuminate red. The northeast region is known as Green Country for its lush, green vegetation. Other regions include central Oklahoma, known as Frontier Country, which has the state capital of Oklahoma City. There is also the southwest region, which is known as Great Plains Country, the southeast region, which is known as Kiamichi Country, and the southern region, which is known as Lake & Trail Country. No matter where you live in Oklahoma, you will get to experience a beautiful piece of the countryside. It just depends on which view you're most interested in.