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Puritans led by Adam Blakeman founded the area in 1639 and the community was recognized as the Cupheag Plantation. The growing community was largely made up of migrants fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Many historical sites and a number of the first settler's descendants remain in the area today. While its roots can still be seen, the city has come a long way, and it has been particularly influenced by the aircraft industry. Igor Sikrosky developed one of the world's first commercial helicopters and successfully flew it in Stratford. Today, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation remains the city's largest employer, and community members can attend the National Helicopter Museum.

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Positioned on the Housatonic River on the Long Island Sound, Stratford, Connecticut, is located in Fairfield County and has a population of 51,384. It is the 17th largest city in the state. The city is comprised of several different neighborhoods, which are predominantly made up of single-family housing with a spattering of townhomes and apartments.

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