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Utah, which is nicknamed the 'Beehive state,' is an outdoor paradise that hosted the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The variety of rental housing within the state includes cozy ranches and capes as well as spacious two-story Tudors and Victorians for those seeking a place to call home. The offerings include a wide selection of house styles and features to accommodate individual tastes and preferences.

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The state of Utah is as diverse as its many regions, which include the Wasatch Front, Central Utah, and Western Utah. The Great Salt Lake is located within the Western region of the state, the landscape of which is surrounded by mountain ranges with high peaks and dry, flat desert. The Central Utah region has a rich cultural heritage that can trace its roots back to the Mormons, who established a settlement and later built the renowned Salt Lake City Temple. The most populated region of Utah is situated within the Wasatch Front region, where the state capital of Salt Lake City is located. This region is also home to Brigham Young University in Provo and the popular, which provides genealogical services for those interested in exploring their family roots and history.