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Wisconsin is located along the northern Midwestern section of the nation. Containing both extensive amounts of farmland, forests, and lakefront living, renting a home in Wisconsin can give people a choice of different lifestyles. Rental home offerings include Craftsman bungalows, Dutch Colonials and traditional style detached homes, some with large areas of land.

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Wisconsin's different regions all share a common characteristic of having at least one lake or body of water within the boundaries. Northeast Wisconsin is set against Lake Michigan. This part of Wisconsin has cities like Green Bay and the popular Door County, a peninsula with vast lengths of lake shoreline as its main attraction. Going south from that area is southeast Wisconsin, the most populated area of the state. Here there are more urbanized cities like Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine. This area contains the heart of the beer brewing industry and many different types of seasonal festivals. Northwest Wisconsin is positioned along Lake Superior. This part of the state is less developed than the rest of Wisconsin. The traditional lumberjack figure plays a role in this setting and in its cities like Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. This area is known for waterfalls, thick forests and friendly living. Southwest Wisconsin runs along the Mississippi River, containing a more hilly landscape with bright, green valleys.