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Wyoming is a state in the west full of gorgeous mountains, deserts and plains. With opportunities for adventure, scenic views and traversing sweeping landscapes, Wyoming gives its residents a unique experience. Wyoming's rental home market has many detached homes and ranchers available for lower prices and with more land than other parts of the country.

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Wyoming's rectangular shape allows it to be evenly divided into several different regions. Northwest Wyoming contains a slew of national parks, dude ranches, colorful canyons and pristine mountains. Jackson, a popular city in this area, gives inhabitants amazing views of rolling mountains as well as hiking and recreation activities. Central Wyoming contains the historic city of Casper and different meandering trails that have been used since the middle of the 19th century. Southwest Wyoming has canyons, table rocks and a network of caves. Several old, abandoned ghost towns from past eras remain in this part of Wyoming along with more lively cities like Rock Springs, Granger, and Diamondville. Southeast Wyoming has the state capital of Cheyenne, Laramie, and acres of undisturbed prairie. This area brings the old feel of the frontier into the modern age. Finally, Northeast Wyoming, with its importance in Native American history, has a selection of rustic campgrounds and small towns like Big Horn, Buffalo and Upton.