85 Homes For Sale in Richland, WA

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At the junction between the Yakima and Columbia Rivers, Richland, Washington is home to a wealth of individual homes and condominiums. Whether you want to live on the water front or a little closer to town, Richland gives new and experienced homeowners a myriad of options. Three and four bedrooms homes are available in abundance, which makes the area perfect for families. Plus, if you are looking to build instead, there are a number of lots in prime locations.

Richland is a center for nuclear energy research and related technologies. Industry leaders are responsible for many of the available jobs in the area. Many locals are employed as engineers or in the nuclear waste management sector. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is one of the top employers in the city. Additionally, the Washington nuclear industry provides some government positions as well. Furthermore, the lower Columbia Basin has become a hub for viticulture. The wine industry has really boomed in the last few years and even produces internationally renowned vintages. The Red Mountain area in the west produces award winning Cabernet Sauvignons on a consistent basis. The Columbia Valley is home to over 7,000 hectares of vineyards while the Yakima Valley proudly houses 5,000 hectares of wine country. To help these industries thrive, the Tri-City Industrial Development Council promotes both the technological and agricultural sectors.

The Richland School District includes four high schools, three middles schools and nine elementary schools. On the Columbia River, Washington State University, Tri-Cities started admitting freshman and sophomores in the fall of 2007. Outside of school, families have plenty of opportunity to enjoy golf and outdoor recreational activities. The city is home to the Yakima River wetlands, the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, the Arid Lands Ecology Reserve, the Hanford Reach, the Hanford Reach National Monument and Amon Creek Natural Preserve. The climate is wonderfully mild and reaches moderate temperature in the summer. However, if running through the wild outdoors is not for you, Richland is home to several professional sports teams including ice hockey, single-A baseball, an indoor football team and a professional cycling team. With so much to do, you will never have to worry about what to do on a Saturday afternoon. Richland is a great city full of natural reserves and a booming technological industry. It is rare to find a city that is both at the forefront of technology and agriculture, but Richland manages to combine both elements effortlessly. With plenty of living, employment and educational opportunities, it is a great place to settle down with a family.