77 New Homes For Sale in Rio Rancho, NM

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Buried deep in the arid deserts of northern New Mexico is the third largest city in the state, Rio Rancho, which is also one of the fastest growing cities in the area. Terracotta and adobe coloring, flat or gently angled roofing, and other Spanish hallmarks such as exterior archways and a wide floor plan characterize Rio Rancho’s residences. The southwestern influence on the styles of both the architecture and the landscaping of Rio Rancho homes is evident.

The City Centre of Rio Rancho is a fairly new and expansive development that includes mixed-use spaces for residents, commercial ventures, and retail opportunities. It is also one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the city. Idalia Road, Rainbow Boulevard, Saint Andrews Drive, Rio Rancho Drive, Enchanted Hills Drive, and Nicklaus Drive are some of the most popular and well-to-do subdivisions in Rio Rancho. Rio Rancho Estates was one of the very first developments in the city, and served to set it apart from its neighboring, and much larger, city of Albuquerque. Other neighborhoods in Rio Rancho are quite diverse in their residents, offering families of all types a chance to live in a quiet, safe, and community-oriented environment.

Sales and office workers, service professionals, and business workers hold the bulk of the jobs in Rio Rancho. The economy is one that is largely sustained by various call centers, retail, and government. Since technology king Intel opened a manufacturing plant in Rio Rancho many years ago, the area has been a hub for tech development and research, and Intel continues to be one of the top employers. Other major sources of jobs include the Rio Rancho Public Schools, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint Corporation, Bank of America, Presbyterian Health Services, Stream Global, Alliance Data, and US Cotton. Many large area retailers have taken over the shopping and commerce scene of Rio Rancho, with Walmart hiring the most employees.