37 New Homes For Sale in Riverside, CA

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As the most populous city in the Inland Empire with nearly 325,000 inhabitants in its 98.6 square miles, Riverside, California, has something for just about anyone looking to purchase a new home in the Golden State. It combines the quiet and safety of its suburban neighborhoods with a substantial multicultural atmosphere and a wealth of opportunities for education and employment to form a metropolitan area with wide appeal.

Riverside’s 28 different neighborhoods offer different styles of living depending on your needs. The downtown area has numerous apartment buildings and small homes that are great for singles or families with a few people who are living on a budget. Numerous attractions including the iconic Mission Inn, Fairmount Park, and several art and natural history museums as well as an ever-changing group of local stores and eateries will keep you occupied when you’re not at work. Alternatively, those looking for middle to upper-class suburban living will find family-friendly homes of many different sizes and styles in places like Arlington, Victoria and Canyon Crest built from the 1950s to today. All residents benefits from the nearly constant warmth of southern California weather that, at its coldest, usually only necessitates a hoodie.

Riverside is also a great place to live for those looking to expand their career horizons. Local employment is quite diverse, with anything from office and sales work to manufacturing to citrus production and packing. The County of Riverside and the Riverside Unified School District are the largest single employers due to the public service the massive population requires. Additionally, the city is quite commuter-friendly, with many citizens who either drive or take a train to their jobs in nearby Los Angeles and Orange County. If you wish to pursue higher education, Riverside Community College and the University of California, Riverside both offer great academic programs. Suffice it to say that regardless of your goals, living in Riverside, California, can give you the means to achieve them.