583 Homes For Sale in Rosharon, TX

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Homes in Rosharon, Texas will provide a level of affordability that would be difficult to find in the neighboring communities of SuGarland and Houston. In Rosharon you can find newly-constructed single family homes with four or five bedrooms in the neighborhood of $300,000. The median home price in this town is under $100,000.

Rising home values are another reason to consider setting up shop in Rosharon. This town is a quiet refuge from urban chaos with easily accessible shopping, dining and entertainment. The cost of living in this town is an unbelievable 20 % below the national average. Job growth is on the rise and the unemployment rate is substantially below that of other comparable U.S. cities. Paired with a lower cost of living, the town’s economy is optimally aligned. This suburban town lies 33 miles from downtown Houston and is home to an intimate 1,100 residents. This number reflects a doubling of the population since the late eighties, and the town continues to show signs of growth.

Rosharon is often spoken of in conjunction with the town of Angleton to form the Angleton-Rosharon community. Collectively, these towns form part of the metropolitan Houston area. The combined population of Angleton and Rosharon is just under 50,000 and puts it in the company of similarly sized areas like Ithaca, New York and Brunswick, Georgia. A 45 minute drive using TX-288 will take you from Rosharon to Houston, Texas. This proximity leaves many employment and entertainment options open for those who prefer a myriad of alternatives. Rosharon, Texas is about 50 miles from the gulf coast. This is just enough time for an easy road trip to a nice weekend retreat. With all of the hustle and bustle of the big city, you’ll be happy to get back home to peaceful Rosharon when the workday ends. Browse Rosharon listings to find your own affordable slice of suburbia.