90 Homes For Sale in Saint Charles, IL

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The Chicago suburb of Saint Charles, Illinois is populated with about 30,000 residents. Home styles vary greatly in this area. Many houses are situated on enough land that varying styles can coexist in the same space without the architectural styles clashing. You can buy an English cottage home or, if your budget allows for it, a chateau –style estate. The variety and elegance in home styles is not surprising. After all, famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s initial studio was not far away in Oak Park.

Many well-known corporations have headquarters in this area. Local commerce ranges from agriculture to executive sales with many other industries represented on that spectrum. Saint Charles is one of the many suburbs that populate the Chicago metropolitan area. However, this town is far from all work and no play. The Kane County Fair and Flea Market are wonderful community attractions that are known not just to Saint Charles residents, but to other neighbors in the vicinity. If you’re not frightened off by scarecrows, visit the annual Scarecrow Festival that takes place in the fall.

The picturesque scenery and picture-perfect visage earned Saint Charles a place on Family Circle’s list of Best Towns and Cities for families. The old-world charm generally found in the south has a Midwestern home here in St. Charles. As the historically-preserved downtown streets would indicate, history is an important part of the ambiance in St. Charles. Visit the heritage center for additional information on how the town was founded. People who enjoy fresh air and nature will enjoy the biking, kayaking, and hiking opportunities available around the Fox River. Many residents also enjoy camping and horseback riding. If you don’t wish to ride your bike down the Fox River Bike Trail, you can enjoy a relaxing boat tour. If it’s old-fashioned charisma that floats your boat, Saint Charles, Illinois may be the next city for you.