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Situated on the east bank of the Mississippi River, Saint Paul is but a stone’s throw away from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city and the state’s capital city. As St. Paul is the second-most populous city in Minneapolis, together these two communities are known as the "Twin Cities." Single-family residences, condos, and apartments abound in Saint Paul, with historic Victorians, post-war ranches, and newer, more contemporary homes available in desirable areas.

St. Paul features some of Minneapolis’ most famous and well-known establishments, such as the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, and the Xcel Energy Center, home to the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. Although the downtown area has plenty to do, see, and eat, there are still places where you can get away from the urban noise and relax in your own home sweet home. Neighborhoods near St. Paul’s Como Park and Como Zoo offer single-family and duplex-style homes in a family-friendly and highly desirable area. While the neighborhood is typically a quiet residential area, the late summer brings close proximity to the Minnesota State Fair and some good old-fashioned loud and boisterous family fun.

Homes built in Highland Park, a neighborhood with one of the lowest crime rates in the city, feature a mix of stately Victorian homes and single-family residences surrounded by wooded parkland, and with trails along the river for cycling, running, and walking. Affordable and diverse housing can also be found in the area of Battle Creek and Dayton’s Bluff, both of which have a mix of older, post-war homes as well as newer homes. Downtown Saint Paul has also recently seen a rise in available residential areas, with apartments and condos being built in former warehouses and historic factories. New bars, restaurants, and other amenities have been opening downtown to bring younger and more urban residents to these innovative homes. If you’ve been considering a move to Saint Paul, there is no time like the present to browse our listings and find the perfect property to call home in the beautiful Twin Cities area.