85 Homes For Sale in San Dimas, CA

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Located in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley is the attractive city of San Dimas, California. This area is home to over 33,000 people, and it provides an appealing location for many Los Angeles residents. The city is filled with affordable homes of all sizes. Many of the homes for sale were built during the 1970s and 1980s; however, there are newer homes available.

The name of this city is Spanish for "Saint Dismas." The Saint Dismas Canyon resides in the San Gabriel Mountains, and it is located in the northern area of the city. Native American tribes have lived in the area for over 8,000 years. When the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles railroads opened in the late 1800s, San Dimas experienced a population surge. Today, the city is considered a small equestrian town. It offers beautiful views, a favorable climate and close proximity to the city. In fact, many people commute to Los Angeles for work each day.

San Dimas is home to a variety of attractions and recreational facilities. It has a golf course and a swim and racket club. In addition, the popular water park, Raging Waters, is located in the city. San Dimas is also home to the Pacific Railroad Museum and Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park. Furthermore, San Dimas has been the setting for a variety of movies. "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure" was set in the city, and John Wayne’s lead character supposedly had a ranch in the city. Although the city is more inland, many residents commute to the beaches for recreation. Since San Dimas is close to several freeways, it is easier for people to travel to Los Angeles and Orange County. California residents in search of a beautiful and affordable place to live often choose San Dimas. The history, landmarks, and recreation make it a top choice among many of today’s homebuyers.