23 Homes For Sale in San Fernando, CA

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Located in northern Los Angeles County is the city of San Fernando. This area is a popular city for people looking for a home in the San Fernando Valley. It is filled with a variety of homes. There are smaller townhouses that are an affordable option for first time homebuyers or retired individuals. San Fernando also has some newer properties that were built during the last 15 years. However, the majority of homes are older and average in size.

The city was named after the Mission San Fernando, which resides in the area. This mission was once part of a Mexican land grant. Interestingly, the city of Los Angeles completely surrounds the valley San Fernando. Los Angeles annexed the majority of the surrounding towns, but San Fernando remained a separate city. The district of Mission Hills, Lake View Terrace, and Pacoima border it. In addition, there are three main highways for residents to use – Interstate 5, State Route 118, and Interstate 405. Most of the city residents rely on these highways for transportation. It is common for people to commute to work in Los Angeles. However, many companies have offices in the city including PureTek, Future Graphics, J&M Products, Medical Illumination International, and Newco International.

San Fernando has a relatively mild climate, with hotter temperatures during the summertime. The area is a little bit warmer than other California cities that are closer to the beach. Several different races make up the population. Approximately half of the residents are White. The rest is a mixture of Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and Blacks. San Fernando is also home to a large amount of families. Interestingly, the average household size is nearly 4 people. This is higher than many other California cities, and it makes San Fernando an attractive destination. There are multiple schools in the city that provide education for the children. Most schools are part of the Los Angeles County School District. However, the city also has multiple charter schools and a few private schools. In addition, there is a library in the town that is used by young children and adults. Along with the library, San Fernando offers local parks for residents to use. Many people spend a lot of their time outside because the weather is so favorable. The unique makeup of this area, its proximity to Los Angeles, and its history make San Fernando a great place to call home.