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Samuel F. B. Morse Elementary Type: public Students: 358 Grades: PK‑5 424 S Pulaski St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1355 View
Mount Clare Christian School Type: private Students: 44 Grades: KG‑12 320 S Vincent St, Baltimore MD View
Harriet Tubman Elementary Type: public Students: 186 Grades: PK‑5 1807 Harlem Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-1362 View
Steuart Hill Academic Academy Type: public Students: 396 Grades: PK‑8 30 S Gilmor St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1387 View
Matthew A. Henson Elementary Type: public Students: 380 Grades: PK‑5 1600 N Payson St, Baltimore MD 410-396-0776 View
Gilmor Elementary Type: public Students: 367 Grades: PK‑5 1311 N Gilmor St, Baltimore MD 410-462-2700 View
New Song Academy Type: public Students: 140 Grades: PK‑8 1385 N. Gilmore St, Baltimore MD 410-728-2091 View
Diggs-johnson Middle Type: public Students: -- Grades: 6‑8 1300 Herkimer St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1572 View
Southwest Baltimore Charter School Type: public Students: 422 Grades: KG‑8 1300 Herkimer St, Baltimore MD 443-984-3385 View
George Washington Elementary Type: public Students: 247 Grades: PK‑5 800 Scott St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1445 View
The Crossroads School Type: public Students: 160 Grades: 6‑8 802 S Caroline St, Baltimore MD 410-685-0295 View
Mother Seton Academy Type: private Students: 61 Grades: 6‑8 724 S Ann St, Baltimore MD View
Hampstead Hill Academy Type: public Students: 613 Grades: PK‑8 500 S Linwood Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9146 View
Friendship Academy of Math; Science and Technology Type: public Students: 540 Grades: 6‑11 801 S. Highland Avenue, Baltimore MD 443-642-3182 View
Canton Middle Type: public Students: 102 Grades: 8‑8 801 S Highland Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9172 View
Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy Type: public Students: 501 Grades: 9‑12 100 N Calhoun St, Baltimore MD 443-984-2831 View
Franklin Square Elementary Type: public Students: 384 Grades: PK‑8 1400 W Lexington St, Baltimore MD 410-396-0795 View
Harlem Park Middle Type: public Students: -- Grades: --‑-- 1500 Harlem Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-0612 View
Baltimore Talent Development Type: public Students: 493 Grades: 9‑12 1500 Harlem Ave, Baltimore MD 443-984-2744 View
Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts Type: public Students: 554 Grades: 9‑12 1500 Harlem Ave, Baltimore MD 443-984-2833 View
James Mc Henry Elementary Type: public Students: 331 Grades: PK‑6 31 S Schroeder St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1621 View
Francis M. Wood Alternative High Type: public Students: 358 Grades: 9‑12 1001 W Saratoga St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1290 View
Harlem Park Elementary Type: public Students: 357 Grades: PK‑8 1401 W Lafayette Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-0633 View
Father Charles Hall Elementary School Type: private Students: 104 Grades: PK‑5 1526 N Fremont Ave, Baltimore MD View
George G. Kelson Elementary Type: public Students: 303 Grades: PK‑8 701 Gold St, Baltimore MD 410-396-0800 View
William Pinderhughes Elementary Type: public Students: 367 Grades: PK‑8 701 Gold Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-0761 View
Furman L. Templeton Elementary Type: public Students: 453 Grades: PK‑5 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore MD 410-462-9560 View
Bethel Christian School Type: private Students: 26 Grades: PK‑5 505 W Lanvale St, Baltimore MD View
Booker T. Washington Middle Type: public Students: 327 Grades: 6‑8 1301 Mcculloh St, Baltimore MD 410-396-7734 View
Renaissance Academy Type: public Students: 326 Grades: 9‑12 1301 Mcculloh St, Baltimore MD 443-984-3164 View
The Historic Samuel Coleridge-taylor Elementary Type: public Students: 408 Grades: PK‑5 507 W Preston St, Baltimore MD 410-396-0783 View
New Hope Academy Type: public Students: 193 Grades: 6‑12 900 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore MD 410-396-0774 View
Central Career Center At Briscoe Type: public Students: -- Grades: --‑-- 900 Druid Hill Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-0770 View
Eutaw-marshburn Elementary Type: public Students: 351 Grades: PK‑5 1624 Eutaw Pl, Baltimore MD 410-396-0779 View
Midtown Academy Type: public Students: 180 Grades: KG‑8 1398 Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore MD 410-225-3257 View
Islamic Community School Type: private Students: 40 Grades: 1‑11 1335 W North Ave, Baltimore MD View
Teaching and Learning Institute (tli) Type: private Students: 16 Grades: 3‑12 1300 W North Ave, Baltimore MD View
John Eager Howard Elementary Type: public Students: 304 Grades: PK‑5 2011 Linden Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-0837 View
Mount Royal Elementary/middle Type: public Students: 836 Grades: KG‑8 121 Mc Mechen St, Baltimore MD 410-396-0864 View
Baltimore Leadership School For Young Women Type: public Students: 214 Grades: 6‑7 128 W. Franklin Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-1234 View
Grace and Saint Peters School Type: private Students: 76 Grades: PK‑4 707 Park Ave, Baltimore MD View
Baltimore School For the Arts Type: public Students: 374 Grades: 9‑12 712 Cathedral Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-1185 View
New Foundations Type: private Students: 23 Grades: 5‑12 20 E Franklin St, Baltimore MD View
Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy Type: private Students: 71 Grades: 6‑8 740 N Calvert St, Baltimore MD View
Eager Street Academy Type: public Students: 98 Grades: 9‑12 401 E Eager St, Baltimore MD 410-209-4091 View
Saint Frances Academy Type: private Students: 303 Grades: 9‑12 501 E Chase St, Baltimore MD View
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School Type: public Students: 267 Grades: PK‑6 1600 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore MD 410-528-5393 View
City Springs Elementary Type: public Students: 604 Grades: PK‑8 100 S Caroline St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9165 View
Inner Harbor East Academy Type: public Students: 330 Grades: PK‑8 200 N Central Ave, Baltimore MD 410-537-5890 View
Paul Laurence Dunbar High Type: public Students: 717 Grades: 9‑12 1400 Orleans Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-9478 View
National Academy Foundation Type: public Students: 640 Grades: 6‑12 500 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore MD 443-984-1594 View
Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle Type: public Students: -- Grades: 6‑8 500 N Caroline St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9296 View
Johnston Square Elementary Type: public Students: 356 Grades: PK‑5 1101 Valley St, Baltimore MD 410-396-1477 View
Institute of Notre Dame Type: private Students: 318 Grades: 9‑12 901 N Aisquith St, Baltimore MD View
Saint James and St John School Type: private Students: 231 Grades: PK‑5 1012 Somerset St, Baltimore MD View
Community Initiatives Academy Type: private Students: 15 Grades: 1‑12 1001 N Caroline St 5, Baltimore MD View
Bluford Drew Jemison Mst Academy Middle Type: public Students: 358 Grades: 6‑8 1130 N Caroline St, Baltimore MD 410-276-3095 View
Imani Christian School Type: private Students: 17 Grades: 1‑10 1401 E Biddle St, Baltimore MD View
Community Initiatives Academy Type: private Students: 31 Grades: 2‑12 1401 E Biddle St, Baltimore MD View
Drive Bernard Harris; Senior Elementary Type: public Students: 497 Grades: PK‑5 1400 N Caroline St, Baltimore MD 410-396-6461 View
Dallas F. Nicholas Senior Elementary Type: public Students: 341 Grades: PK‑5 201 E 21st St, Baltimore MD 410-396-4525 View
Cecil Elementary Type: public Students: 385 Grades: PK‑5 2000 Cecil Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-6385 View
Alternative Learning Center Type: public Students: -- Grades: --‑-- 1601 E Pratt St, Balitmore MD 410-396-1720 View
Lombard Middle Type: public Students: 64 Grades: 7‑8 1601 E Lombard St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9261 View
Baltimore Freedom Academy Type: public Students: 503 Grades: 6‑12 1601 E. Lombard Street, Baltimore MD 443-984-2737 View
Kennedy Krieger School Type: private Students: 166 Grades: PK‑8 1750 E Fairmount Ave, Baltimore MD View
Wolfe Street Academy Type: public Students: 184 Grades: PK‑5 245 S Wolfe St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9140 View
Commodore John Rogers Elementary Type: public Students: 442 Grades: PK‑8 100 N Chester St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9300 View
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Type: private Students: 273 Grades: 9‑11 420 S Chester St, Baltimore MD View
Sought Out Redeemed Christian School Type: private Students: 7 Grades: 11‑12 1214 N Broadway, Baltimore MD View
East Baltimore Community School Type: public Students: 206 Grades: KG‑6 1101 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-1234 View
Collington Square Elementary Type: public Students: 571 Grades: PK‑8 1409 N Collington Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9198 View
Tench Tilghman Elementary Type: public Students: 422 Grades: PK‑8 600 N Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9247 View
Patterson Park Public Charter School Type: public Students: 588 Grades: KG‑8 27 N Lakewood Ave, Baltimore MD 410-558-1230 View
William Paca Elementary Type: public Students: 617 Grades: PK‑5 200 N Lakewood Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9148 View
Drive Rayner Browne Elementary Type: public Students: 252 Grades: PK‑8 1000 N Montford Ave, Baltimore MD 410-396-9240 View
Saint Katharine School Type: private Students: 270 Grades: PK‑8 1201 N Rose St, Baltimore MD View
Lakewood Elementary Type: public Students: 158 Grades: PK‑KG 2625 Federal St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9158 View
Fort Worthington Elementary Type: public Students: 390 Grades: 1‑5 2701 E Oliver St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9161 View
Harford Heights Intermediate Type: public Students: 659 Grades: PK‑5 1919 N Broadway, Baltimore MD 410-396-9343 View
William C. March Middle School Type: public Students: 355 Grades: 6‑8 1919 N Broadway St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9343 View
Harford Heights Primary Type: public Students: -- Grades: --‑-- 1919 N Broadway, Baltimore MD 410-396-9341 View
New Spiritual Foundation Edu-care Learning Center Type: private Students: 25 Grades: PK‑2 1615 N Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore MD View
New Spiritual Foundation Christian Academy Type: private Students: 37 Grades: 11‑12 2626 E Federal St 2nd Fl, Baltimore MD View
Highlandtown Elementary #215 Type: public Students: 320 Grades: PK‑8 3223 E Pratt St, Baltimore MD 410-396-9381 View
Archbishop Borders School Type: private Students: 163 Grades: PK‑8 201 S Conkling St, Baltimore MD View
Highlandtown Elementary #0237 Type: public Students: 539 Grades: PK‑8 231 S. Eaton Street, Baltimore MD 410-396-9127 View
Hope Academy Type: private Students: 84 Grades: KG‑5 1808 Edison Hwy, Baltimore MD View
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