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Tennessee Foreclosure For Sale

Search 82 foreclosure for sale in Tennessee. View listing photos and nearby sales, and find the perfect foreclosure for sale in Tennessee.

Homebuyers in Tennessee should be on the lookout for the most affordable real estate available. If you're looking for a new home, you might find the best value by looking at the state's foreclosed properties. A diverse range of realty listings are available for sale, and you may be able to find the house of your dreams foreclosed and offered at an amazing price.

It's no wonder why you might want to put down roots in Tennessee. The state offers a number of recreational opportunities to residents, and it's full of culture and life. The state is generally split into three sections, West, Middle and East Tennessee, and the activities differ based on which part you are in. In West Tennessee, Memphis offers a fantastic selection of historical sites and museums to visit. Middle Tennessee is home to Music City, Nashville, and entertainment options like live music are popular. The natural beauty of the state, exemplified by the Smoky Mountains, can be seen most clearly in East Tennessee. Here, you can hike, bike and camp in the region's scenic forests.

The area that is now known as Tennessee was first settled in the mid-eighteenth century by the colony of South Carolina's settlers. The area developed as it was joined by part of North Carolina broke off from its state. This new region was called the State of Franklin, but numerous attempts to join the Union were unsuccessful, which led the North Carolinian settlers to rejoin their original state. The area that was left developed into Tennessee, and the state was granted formal admission to the Union at the end of the eighteenth century. The state was pivotal throughout the Civil War, and the Union claimed many victories. Reconstruction allowed Tennessee to recover and begin building its economy once again. The state is now the site of rich history and culture that continues to attract diverse groups of people.

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