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There are few cities that are as fun to live in as they are to say, but Tuscaloosa, Alabama, tops the list. This "Druid City" has been called so because of its tree-lined streets filled with water oaks and other vegetation. The warm welcome of the South is evident in the many cottage-like homes with sprawling lawns and relaxing porch swings. Those who prefer more modern accommodations will be happy to find that there is also plenty of new construction, including townhomes and condos.

Nearly two centuries ago, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was named the state capital and began its future as a bustling center of commerce and industry. While the capital was later moved to a different city, the University of Alabama stayed and with it remained the energy, enthusiasm and education that accompanies a college town. There’s much more to this southern city than collegiate life, though the excellent sports programs and events that come with it benefit all residents and serve as a major attraction for homebuyers. You’re sure to always find some sort of entertainment on campus, whether you’re looking for a lively jazz concert, a Broadway musical, a pre-game pep rally or an expert speech from guest lecturers.

Some of the other perks of living in this friendly city are the many forms of entertainment created to delight residents and guests of the university. Children’s museums keep young families busy for hours, while those who enjoy history will never run out of monuments to discover and fascinating sites to visit. Locals share their talents and hobbies at farmers’ markets and within the specialty gift shops that dot the town. The weather is what you would generally expect in the Deep South, with hot and humid summers and mild, snowless winters, just the type of weather that’s perfect for enjoying the beautiful wildlife and scenery during any time of year. These ideal living situations have been recently attracting new homebuyers, which is evident by the 15% increase in population that Tuscaloosa has achieved in the last decade. The plentiful jobs are another part of the draw for residents, with almost every industry being represented, from mining and construction to finance and hospitality. In fact, the town was recently ranked as one of the top places in the country to launch a small business. The thriving commerce, beautiful homes and endless entertainment make this city one of the most exciting and enjoyable for homeowners who are young as well as those who are young at heart.

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