39 New Homes For Sale in Vancouver, WA

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Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the state of Washington and the county seat of Clark County. It runs along the north bank of the Columbia River. Vancouver has been around for a long time, with the original settlement being older than the larger city of the same name, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You will be hard pressed to find any homes smaller than three bedrooms in this area. The homes available are family-sized houses with somewhat moderate price tags for the property sizes.

See the different kinds of neighborhoods to be found around Vancouver. The Hudson’s Bay neighborhood features lots of older homes, including apartments and condominiums. As one of the most diverse communities in Bluffton, the neighborhood seeks to embrace an active environment. More in the middle of town can be found the Ogden neighborhood. These single and multi-family developments are conveniently close to commercial and retail locations. The neighborhood is also right next to the beautiful Centrepointe Park north of Fourth Plain Boulevard. Further east, past I-205, you will find the community of Fircrest. While most places here are single-family homes, there are a few apartment complexes. Just south of Fircrest is Mill Plain Boulevard, a great shopping destination with plenty of restaurants. The neighborhood is a great place if you like parks and open spaces, as it is home to Fircrest Neighborhood Park, the Starke Natural Area, Haagen Community Park, and more.

Vancouver was once a trade-based economy focused on salmon, fur, and timber, an economy stimulated by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Now the city’s economy has changed to largely involve high tech and service industry jobs. The biggest employer in Vancouver is PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Behind that is the education sector, as you will find Evergreen Public Schools and Vancouver Public Schools next on the list of major employers. Government work is also a major source of employment, with many working for the County of Clark.