77 Homes For Sale in West Bloomfield, MI

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Although there are homes in West Bloomfield, Michigan, the city is known for its big and beautiful homes. Many of the homes are known for their beautiful architecture and immaculate landscaping. If you love communities that take pride in appearance, West Bloomfield is the place for you. The average household income of the residents is about $99,500 and the average home value is about $260,000, giving people modestly priced homes for their income.

If you need a place to relax and unwind, you can join the local country club. You can meet clients or business partners for a nice lunch, or you can go with your spouse for an evening out. The country club has fantastic food and a great golf course. If the country club isn’t your style, you can go to the adventure park for some excitement. The adventure park has things to do for kids and adults. You can climb bridges from tree to tree and even fly through the forest on a zip line. There are several different trails ranging from beginner to expert so everyone can have a good time.

West Bloomfield has 12 different parks, a recreation center and a nature preserve. One of the parks is a farm where you can bring dogs to an off-leash area and even rent a plot in the community garden. Both require necessary permits. The nature preserve is an amazing, 162 acre preserve with more than 100 bird species, red fox, weasels, white-tail deer, salamanders, and mink. You can walk the unpaved trails under the mature hickory, oak, walnut, and dogwood trees. There are beautiful picnic areas to sit and have a picnic once you have walked up your appetite. West Bloomfield, MI is a beautiful place to live. Between the large, gorgeous houses, the parks, and the adventure park, the entire areas is dedicated to outdoors and full of nature lovers. If you are a nature lover, you browse the amazing selection of homes to find your own beautiful dream house.