151 Homes For Sale in West Hollywood, CA

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Commonly called "WeHo" is the Los Angeles County city of West Hollywood, California. This area is home to nearly 35,000 residents and a variety of homes. Several of the homes are smaller apartments or townhomes. However, there are many luxurious residences in this city that provide beautiful views of the Los Angeles Valley. Several of the homes are older, but they have often been renovated. Many homeowners are attracted to this region because it offers a central location and an exciting city lifestyle.

The city of West Hollywood’s motto is "The Creative City." This title rings true with the number of celebrities and industry professionals that live there. In fact, the city continually tries to regulate the activities of the paparazzi. Both the paparazzi and the TV show TMZ are active in the region. There are also a variety of entertainment businesses that have offices in the area. Interestingly, nearly 40 percent of the residents are gay males. For this reason, the city is a hotspot for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. There are several events held in the area throughout the year that advocate for gay rights. In addition, West Hollywood hosts many gay activities each year including a Halloween Costume Carnival.

West Hollywood is also home to many top tourist destinations and hotels. Chateau Marmont, The Chamberlain West Hollywood Hotel, The Standard, and Andaz West Hollywood are all top hotels. There are also several music venues in the city including House of Blues, The Troubadour, Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy Theatre, and Viper Room. Along with these venues, there are recording studios. Westlake Recording Studios is one of the most prominent, because Michael Jackson’s albums "Bad" and "Thriller" were recorded there. West Hollywood also provides trendy hangout spots for locals and guests. Some popular places to visit include Formosa Café, Rainbow Bar and Grill, Soho House, The Abbey Food and Bar, Whisky Bar, and Villa Nightclub. For beautiful views of Los Angeles, residents can also drive along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. There are several homes just north of the strip that are luxurious and appealing to homebuyers. Many other homes are intermixed with the local shopping centers. West Hollywood is also conveniently located to other popular areas in Los Angeles such as Beverly Hills and North Hollywood. Homebuyers looking for a lively city filled with culture will find it in the charismatic city of WeHo.